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Référence : ALC 2017

Health & Well-Being :

SHA Wellness Clinic


 A paradise at the service of your health

Prestigious international medical spa located in a unique environment of peace and well-being.


I was lucky to spend a few days at this wonder palace of health during July 2016.


Since l have left SHA I managed to better control my diabetes. In addition the my lung problmes are stabilized.


Vidio of SHA Wellness Clinic


My first day at SHA - Personal Shedule:

Arrival at Alicante International Airport

Meet and Greet by my private SHA chauffeur

Private transfer to SHA Wellness Clinic (80 km)

Check in and personal presentation/tour of the property


General Health Examination (30 mins)

General Medical Consultation  (30 mins)

Agenda Planer - Appointments will be fixed for your treatments (30 mins)

Deep Tissue Massage




I recommand you to choose your Health Programs before you go to SHA.



  • Weight Loss Programme (Minmum 7days / Recommanded 14 days)
  • Detox Programme ( Minimum 7 days / Recommanded 14 days)
  • Intensive Detox & Weight Loss (Minimum 7 days / Recommanded 14 days)
  • SHA Fitness Programme ( 7 days)
  • SHA Anti-Tobacco Programme ( 7days)
  • Anti-Stress Programme ( 7 days )
  • Sleep Recovery Programme ( 7 days )
  • Rejuvenation Programme ( 7 days)
  • SHA Complete Rejuvenation Porgramme (14 days)
  • Recovery Programme ( 7 days )
  • Life Reset Programme ( 28 days)



  • SHA Essence (Minimum 7 days / Recommanded 14 days )
  • SHA Discovery ( 4 days )


When you sign up for any of those programmes, you are entiteld to have the following information consultataions (*) that are subject to availability with SHA Experts free of charge:

  • Aesthetic medicine consultation
  • Dental health and aesthetic consultation
  • Energetic healt consultation
  • Capillary healt consultation
  • Regenerative medicine consultation

*) If you would like to have any of these consultations please let me know during our meetings.


All of SHA Health Programmes can be extended according to the time you might need to achieve your health goals.


I will only proceed the bookings for SHA Wellness Clinic after an extenisve consultation.


Pease call or email me your meeting request:

Tel: 517603



Enjoy your stay at SHA!




Infos pratiques

  • Serge Meyers Sàrl Travel Consultant

  • 30, Rue Charles Jacquinot

    3241 Bettembourg (Beetebuerg)


  • +352 51 76 03
  • +352 51 76 01

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